We are a group of believers who have found hope, peace, and purpose in Jesus Christ.

About us

We have come together for three reasons:

We want our people to know that our hearts are with you you are not forgotten and you are not alone.​

We want our people to know that there are many that are organizing efforts to help.

We want to make connections with those that have a need to those that are meeting those needs.

We want our people to know that Jesus sees us and He can relate to the suffering we are experiencing right now.

He suffered a terrible death on the cross and yet God the Father was able to redeem it.

Through Christ’s suffering, all others may now have hope through Christ and consequently, eternity with Christ.

If you do not yet know of this hope, and the peace found through it, we wish to share this with you and where possible, walk with you hand in hand.

Concerning our beliefs about Jesus Christ and the Word of God:

We believe that He came, died and rose again for all people regardless of religion, skin color and nationality.

We believe the Bible to be true, the Word of God. We try to live in accordance with it.

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