Discover more about the God who hears us when we cry out to Him.

Call on his name

God hears us


God sees you and He cares about you even in the midst of the struggles you are experiencing. We can trust Him even when others fail. When others seek to harm us, He is our shield and defender. When we cry out in anguish, God Hears us. When we whisper our hurts, He turns a listening ear towards us.

You are so strong.
You’ve endured so much.

But, no matter how strong we are, we aren’t capable of carrying our burdens on our own.

Thanks to Jesus, we don’t have to.

In the midst of our greatest pain and in our darkest days, Jesus is the only one capable of meeting our deepest needs for security, safety and salvation.

He is our living hope when all hope seems lost.


Hope is on the horizon

There is light and life. There is a savior.

His name is jesus

Will you call out to Him? He will hear you and answer you. Will you let Him be the one to carry your burdens and heal your broken heart? You can experience His perfect peace today. 

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